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About Us


Curiosity leads us to interesting and unexpected places. Perhaps that’s what brought you here? You are a gentleman seeking something more. Something fresh. Something unexpected. The quality of the companion you share yourself with is important to you so you choose carefully, selectively.  You fantasise about decadently long dinners filled with flirtations and stimulating conversation. You crave lazy mornings of freshly brewed coffee, crisp white linens, silky-smooth legs draped over yours, the sounds of  laughter and sighs filling the room.  Making the effort to present well and impress is something you enjoy and is what you require in return. You want a connection that is breathtakingly exhilarating, genuine and relaxed within an atmosphere that is safe and discreet. In short you want to remember what it is like to be truly celebrated by a woman – you want to remember how good it feels to be a man.


Like you, I have an innate desire for the extraordinary. I want to experience everything that life has to offer, explore deep connections, and revel in the miraculous. I am a sophisticated and cultured woman with a sharp mind who lives on the youthful side of mature. I am often complimented on my seductive intelligence as well as how easy I am to connect with. As a perceptive and thoughtful woman, I can sense what you need and thoroughly enjoy discovering what makes you tick. I have a diverse set of interests I actively engage in, from tango to philosophy, which makes me an engaging conversation partner who enjoys sharing and learning. Above all, I lead a fulfilling life that invigorates me and in turn, I bring that energy to those that I encounter. Like you, I choose carefully and selectively the company I give myself to and love presenting to impress. I do not entertain more than 4 times in my week and only once in my day. This way, when I am with you I am all yours.

I swoon easily, I adore men and the masculine, I thrive on the slow burn of seduction, I am eager to explore.


We are two people seeking the indulgence, discretion and safety of an arranged encounter, who understand and appreciate the freedom that clear boundaries can provide. Whether we choose to be ships that pass in the night or lovers who embark upon the adventure of an ongoing affair, we are ever so thankful to have found each other and eager to do our parts to co-create and nurture the pleasure to come.



Our Encounter

"The most erotic zone is the imagination." ~ Vivienne Westwood 


I like to truly enjoy myself and I am always looking for a gracious, generous and enthusiastic gentleman who likes to do the same. I do not provide a generic list of services as I find this to be clinical and it does not accurately represent the individual and intuitive experience I offer, nor does it reflect the deep connections I develop with those that I meet. I approach each encounter as an opportunity for us to build our chemistry and genuinely enjoy ourselves. I pair best with those who, like me, value mutually enjoyable companionship.

As there are many expressions of intimacy and our needs and moods can change, I offer the following:

Out & About Dates

An opportunity to get to know one another in a social setting. To me, thoughtful dialogue is the best aphrodisiac, and I’ve found that taking time to explore each other’s minds results in a better connection on every level. Enjoying lunch, dinner, drinks, or coffee together can give us a chance to build our chemistry and grow it into its fullest flavors.

Behind Closed Doors Dates

If you’re seeking a deeper exploration of physical intimacy you can book private time at my incall or your upscale hotel in Vancouver. Imagine: an evening filled with sparkling conversation, effortlessly comfortable companionship, and intoxicating indulgences.

You can of course combine the dates by simply sharing your vision in your introductory email and we can sort the details together .

Fly Me to You

I accept select Fly Me To You adventures in Canada and internationally. I  am proud of my Slavic heritage and have a passionate curiosity for people and culture. I would welcome experiencing you and yours.

Rates & Gifts

One hurried and passionate clandestine encounter
with a stranger outside the home is more beneficial
than a hundred quiet and relaxed engagements
at home with one's mate  
~ The White Tigress Teachings

1.5 hrs ... 700
2.5 hrs ... 1100
4 hrs dinner/lunch ... 1700
14 hrs ... 4000
24 hrs ... 6000
48 hrs or more ... 10,000+

It all begins with a gift so please bring yours in an envelope and present it to me upon your arrival.

Your gift is for my company, attention and time.

Our meeting will take place in a private & discreet location in Vancouver, where I will host you. Alternatively, I will meet you in your accommodation at an upscale hotel in Vancouver.


Although a present or a tip is not a requirement to see me, it is always a truly appreciated gesture of generosity and thoughtfulness.

To support you in that, here are some of my treasures:

Flowers! Whether you bring them to our date or let me know I have a custom order awaiting my delivery instructions, I will always be delighted. I prefer more subtle color palates as it looks so striking with foliage.

Celsia Florist (
Vivio (

Pastry! The flaky kind because crumbs are sexy.

Paper! I am a great fan of books,  journals for writing, European design magazines esp Cote Sud/Ouest & British Home and Garden.

Japanese tea cups. Yes, I have a fondness for them and am collecting unique ones especially fired clay.

As for more intimate gifts of clothing, jewelry and such it is best to get to know me first. I share my more personal tastes only with my lovers.


Hygiene, grooming and choice of attire all contribute to the tone of our meeting.

There is  almost nothing like a well dressed man to inspire me whether it's with a great pair of jeans and button up shirt or the pleasure of a suit ( they say that suits are to women what lingerie is to men) so enjoy choosing what you will wear.  

 I happen to be partial to a fresh shave but if groomed facial hair is your preference I ask that you make use of the beard oil I will have on hand for you. And I really enjoy scent on skin just keep it subtle.

You will always meet me well dressed whether it's in designer pants, pencil skirts or dresses and stilettos are a standard.  I enjoy my rituals of preparation as they bring me into a state of being that is ready to focus solely on you. I am meticulous about keeping a fit, smooth, soft body and a clear mind and heart.

Attitude is a potent accessory, punctuality a virtue and seduction the best aphrodisiac.


Booking is via email only.

All first encounters are subject to screening which is non-negotiable and detailed below.

All bookings whether initial or on-going require a $140 deposit, details below.

Your email to me is my first impression of you so treat it well.

To consider your request for a date I will need the following:

1.An introduction as in what you would  like me to know about you

2. The date you would like to see me, the ideal time of day and  for how long

3. Please let me know that you have read my website in full.

Please send your email to

For dates within Vancouver screening is as follows:

Screening is via an initial meeting at an upscale café or lounge somewhere in downtown Vancouver. This meeting is 30 - 45mins long and is an opportunity for us both to ask and answer what we need to in order to ensure the chemistry we both desire, share wish lists and no-go zones and generally flirt up a little storm. I love these meetings as much as the longer dates and do expect a mutual effort to impress with attitude, dress, grooming and of course, punctuality.

This meet and screen can be booked just prior to a longer engagement or on a separate day.

If you choose to book just the screening on it's own day then a deposit of $90 via e-transfer is required to secure this meeting.  

If you book the screening just prior to a longer engagement then only the standard $140 deposit for all bookings applies. This deposit of course comes off the total gift.

For all FMTYs screening is as follows:

Screening Process:

•  A photo of you holding you identification which must show your legal name
•  A photo of the identification which can have the address blocked out
•  A link to your work information such as LinkedIn, your work email and/or work badge. 

Please email the above to:

Your private information, once received, will be completely deleted from my email and computer and stored securely on my end.

Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be carried over to another date.

If you have any questions do ask them in your email.

I so look forward to receiving your email and meeting you!

xo Mila

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